Real Workplace Solutions

Our strength is synthesizing business and practice aspects of rehab, fitness, training, conditioning, human performance and corporate wellness. We see things through a unique lense and possess the ability to make subtle enhancements to the overall system.

Those we work with are varied, and include individual professionals and small businesses, as well a large corporations all with one understanding in common, knowing the difference, and sharing spirit for out of the box growth.

Our goal is to facilitate the promise and potential that is inherent in every person and organization via a combination of movement science, medical knowledge, published evidence, industrial expertise and ergonomics because the business world is rapidly changing, particularly in healthcare.

Those with the proper vision and strategy for success will profit.

REAL pt Workplace Solutions understands the creative tension that exists between risk and reward, and are committed to helping our patients and clients achieving the maximum return in their health and profit.

Our Strategies utilize a variety of approaches geared toward the comfort and performance of those we work with.

We will be recognized as the new paradigm for effective and efficient physical therapy that will position us to excel in pay for performance, and get YOU better. fast.

Workplace Solutions by REAL pt

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