Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy is indicated for anyone seeking to improve their quality of movement. Most times we are unaware of movement inefficiency until movement becomes symptomatic. We specialize in Integrated Movement Assessments that address WHY your symptoms occurred, while educating you on WHAT caused them.
  • Movement is an act of changing physical location or position. Think of this as a sequence of segments (your body parts) within a specific task – a task YOU select or demand. That task can be anything from stair climbing, getting out of bed, to playing recreational or professional sport. If the sequencing of movement is efficient then you usually feel great. If the sequencing is off, you may not feel symptoms initially, but eventually the body will begin to protect itself and react with pain, discomfort, aches and stiffness that lead to compensations and decreased ability to perform.
Improved movement quality guaranteed by Real Physical Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy

  • With Soft Tissue Therapy, we utilize advanced “HANDS ON” techniques that establish correct posture and body mechanics that is combined with movement therapy via specific therapeutic movements. We use treatments that work WITH, not against, the natural functions of the body to promote healing and relieve pain while educating our patients to understand why their injury occurred and how to prevent it recurring.
  • Each session is spent exclusively with a Physical Therapist that utilizes a variety of hands-on soft tissue techniques to release areas of congestion, tightness, and scaring of involved structures. Our focus is to return the soft tissues to their healthy texture, tension and length in order for them to function optimally and pain-free. The results of Biomechanical Detective’s soft tissue manipulations are equally impressive for the sedentary worker as well as the world-class athlete.
Improved movement quality guaranteed by Real Physical Therapy

Biomechanical Orthotics

  • Many of the injuries we treat are created or sustained by the way our patient’s stand, step, walk, stoop, bend, squat, twist, jump and run. Our Physical Therapy staff has developed an expert knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of walking, and foot function. Proper function of the foot is necessary for normal posture and normal movement. Abnormalities in foot structure or in the way it functions can create foot pain as well as problems in the shins, knees, hips and low back.
  • The word orthotic has become a generic term for any arch support placed in a shoe. A custom biomechanical orthotic is much more. First, orthotic therapy begins with a thorough examination of your walking mechanics, foot posture, and an assessment of your specific foot type. We will assess the mobility of your feet to make sure they react efficiently with your legs, hips, and low back. Secondly, we take a neutral cast impression of your feet. This slipper cast provides a standard on which the laboratory can create a custom biomechanical orthotic device. Finally, the cast is sent to a biomechanical laboratory where your orthotics are fabricated.
Video Gait Analysis

NG 360 Golf

  • Nike Golf is the leader in athletic golf. The NG360 performance analysis system is a scientific process of analysis and training aimed at enhancing the athleticism and performance of golfers at any skill level. The performance analysis and training techniques deliver consistent improvement of golf specific athleticism and performance.
  • It starts with a 3D swing analysis with the goal of finding faults in your personal swing mechanics. This is followed by an analysis of transformational zone motion and motion and stability of each key body part during the backswing and follow-through. These findings are summed up and used to develop a 3D functional performance training program which is individualized.It is our goal to help you better yourself and better your game by bringing innovation and inspiration to every golf athlete.
Nike Golf 360

Enhance Running

  • ENHANCE Running technique workshops are designed to help identify and correct errors in your running technique that can put extra stress on areas such as knees, backs and shins. Every step with poor technique takes you closer to your next injury. Let the ENHANCE Running technicians help you to keep running.Most runners “leak” energy when they run. A combination of work postures, unhelpful footwear, misconceptions about running and previous injuries can see us using a lot more energy for each step whilst we run than we should. Your local ENHANCE Running technician can help you to identify and fix those energy leaks, making running easier and more fun. Find out how to relax when you run and learn to run with ease and enjoy getting fit even more.
  • Through poor technique, many people put their bodies under a lot more load than it should be when they run. This leads to sore backs, shins, knees or even shoulders and necks. Poor technique means that you work harder, go slower and feel worse when you run than you should. ENHANCE Running technicians are specially trained to take you through our simple 7 step process to running better.
Enhance Running technique workshops

Functional Video Gait Analysis

  • Are you interested in your movement? What it looks like? How it could improve?
    Spark MotionWe use a program called Spark Motion to film you walking, running, throwing, swinging, jumping, or any other functional movement task.This program allows us to slow down your gait and analyze it frame by frame to assist in the discussion of your gait biomechanics. The technology allows us to measure boney positions, and joint angles, as well as helps us evaluate the quality and quantity of your movement. If optimizing the way you run or walk is important to you, we can help.
REAL pt for Spark Motion